Computer Aided Design

After measure and floorplan are complete, computer aided design allows the client to see their kitchen as realistically as possible. At ATK we are trained operators of Compusoft’s Winner software, Europe’s leading, customer friendly, kitchen design programme.  Compusoft are a Norwegian company and are used by many of the world’s leading kitchen manufacturers including Hacker, our German supplier. This gives us the confidence to guarantee that exactly what our clients have selected will be manufactured by Hacker kitchens in their state of the art factory in Roddinghausen, Germany.

Each design is completely personal and shows your actual cabinet doors and specific worktop. We’ll even include your pets.

Aspire Trade Kitchens

About ATK

A family kitchen business focusing on customer satisfaction. We provide beautifully designed German and British built kitchens with quality branded domestic appliances and also offer exceptional value for money.