German Built Kitchens

Premium Quality Internal Fittings

Hacker kitchens are known for their commitment to using quality materials. A key feature is the use of “water resist PUR gluing” for all edges. This polyurethane reaction adhesive is free from formaldehyde and solvents and provides excellent protection against moisture penetration. This technique results in invisible joints and a seamless, high-quality finish.

Hacker goes one step further by applying this “water resist PUR gluing” to all traverse and back joints. This results in a thicker edge for the bottom edges of hanging cupboards.

Through this process the company upholds its own quality standard of creating premium kitchens “Made in Germany” that consistently meet customers’ high expectations.

Deluxe Kitchen Design

The component parts of a Hacker kitchen are what sets it apart from other manufacturers. These include soft closing, oil piston, glass sided drawers by Grass and market leading Kessebohmer wire work. The shelves are particularly durable and can be adjusted individually via a row of holes in the body and metal shelf supports with safety pins.

The cupboard bracket is discreetly located behind back wall of the hanging cupboard and can be adjusted in three dimensions. Adjustment screws are covered by caps inside the cupboard. Installation and disassembling are quick and easy, requiring no tools. The Hettich hinge can be adjusted in three dimensions.

Energy Efficiency

We are committed to energy efficiency, sustainable waste disposal and emission reduction. The use of low-emission, water-based lacquer systems contribute significantly to our efforts. To achieve sustainability in all areas, we actively involve our employees and suppliers in our environmental protection practice, so that the future has a future.

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